After submitting this form, you will be contacted via e-mail to schedule your Discovery Flight at SoCal Pilot Center. No payment will be required during this step.
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By submitting this form you declare to be at least 15 years old and in good physical and mental HEALTH to fly in an aircraft safely. You declare to understand that Discovery Flights may always and at any time be cancelled, whenever deemed unsafe for any reason by SoCal Pilot Center or any of ITS representatives. The duration of the Discovery Flight may vary depending oN the prevailing conditions and is aimed to be 30 minutes from embarking until disembarking. Only confirmations for Discovery FlightS received via e-mail from SoCal Pilot Center, are considered to be valid. THE Payment OF 199,00 USD is due before the Flight. Cancellation fees of 75,00 USD may apply when confirmed Discovery FlightS are not honored by a customer or a customer arrives late (more than 30 MINUTES) OR NOT AT ALL. Unless specifically REFUSED by the customer IN WRITING before the Discovery Flight, photograph/video footage may be produced during the Discovery Flight and the customer agrees that this photograph/video footage may be used for marketing purposes on the SoCal Pilot Center websites or any of ITS Social Media internet pages.